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Why do people seek therapy?

People seek out therapy for many reasons.  Some people need help with major life transitions, while others are experiencing anxiety and/or depression in ways they can no longer manage on their own.  All in all, people seek therapy for various personal reasons and not just for issues related to severe mental illness.  I can help you regardless of your reasons for coming to therapy.

What can I expect in a therapy session?

You can expect a welcoming environment, an empathetic ear, and a partner in your journey through life's many obstacles.  I will help you to set goals and reach them.  I will help you to be the best you and to live your best life through the use of therapeutic interventions, exerices, unconditional positive regard, and attentive listening.  Finally, what you can ultimately expect from therapy is healing.

Do you accept insurance? How does insurance work?

I currently do not accept insurance.  All payments must be made by check or cash.

Is therapy confidential?

Therapy is completely confidential, with a few exceptions:

- If you are threatening to harm yourself or another person, I will have to contact the proper authorities.

- If you are a minor, your parent or guardian is entitled to learn of your progress and activities in therapy.

- In the case of minors, elderly people, and/or persons with disabilities being abused, I must contact the proper authorities.

- If I receive a court order to share your information, I must abide by the court's wishes.  However, this does not apply for a mere subpoena.

- Finally, if you are using a third party payer, like insurance, I must share your information and progress.

Rest assured that I will do everything in my power to keep as much of your information as possible confidential in all circumstances.

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